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I transferred it from Black 2 to Pokemon Y at level 64 and its now at level 71, holding a soothe bell and I have played with it in Pokemon Amie.

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Pokemon Amie and levels has nothing to do with happiness. Unless you level up you gain happiness.

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Golbat evolves at Max Happiness


transferring a Pokemon resets its' happiness

so your Golbat probably isn't as Happy as you think.

A big misconception is that Pokemon Amie increases a Pokemon's Happiness... it doesn't.

This is how you find out how happy your Golbat is:

Visit the Friendship/Hapiness rater in Laverre City; Pokemon Fan Club; (northwest of the city, NPC: Pokemon Breeder) to find out how happy your Pokemon is in X or Y.

"It's amazingly friendly toward you! It must be so happy spending every day with you!" 255
"You must really like your <Pokémon> and always keep it by your side!" 200-254
"Well, I think you and <Pokémon> will be an even greater combo someday!" 150-199
"It's a little bit friendly to you… Something like that." 100-149
"Hmm…I think you have a lot of time ahead of you to get to know one another better." 50-99
"Don't tell me! Are you just letting it get knocked out in Pokémon battles?!" 0-49

This is what affects the friendship/happiness of your Pokemon and by how much depending on its' current friendship/happiness level.:

[It is hard to decipher - sorry about that - so pay attention to the commas].

Friendship: 0 to 99, 100 to 199, 200 to 255
Event Change
Walking 128 steps (occasionally) +2, +2, +1
Massage in Cyllage City +30 (6%), +10 (20%), +5 (74%)
Using any vitamin +5/+6, +3/+4, +2/+3,
Using a Wing +3, +2, +1
Level up in battle +5, +4, +3
Soothing Bag from Super Training +20
Using EV-lowering Berries† +10/+11, +5/+6, +2/+3
Colorful Shake from the Juice Shoppe Pre-made: +1 per PokémonDollar.png100
Custom-made: +12...32
Rare Soda from the Juice Shoppe +5/+6, +??, +??
Ultra Rare Soda from the Juice Shoppe +??, +??, +??
EV Juice from the Juice Shoppe +4
Perilous Soup from the Juice Shoppe ??, ??, ??
Fainting -1
Using Heal Powder -5, -5, -10
Using Energy Powder -5, -5, -10
Using Energy Root -10, -10, -15
Using Revival Herb -15, -15, -20
Trading Reset to base friendship

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Thanks I had no idea
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First of all, when a Pokemon is traded its happiness will reset the the default(70). So you will have to start over again.

Second, you must remember that Pokemon Amie does not affect happiness, only affection. Affection has no effect on Golbat's evolution. It only affects Eevee's evolution, evolving it into Sylveon.

>In Generation VI, friendship is not to be confused with Pokémon-Amie's affection. Affection is an entirely separate stat having no bearing on friendship, and no actions taken in Pokémon-Amie will affect friendship in any way.

This chart shows how to gain/lose happiness "points" with a Pokemon:


>Friendship is set when a Pokémon is brought under a Trainer's control; i.e., it has a value of 70 when a Pokémon is captured from the wild, and reset to 70 when a Pokémon is traded from another game.

So you would want to obviously do one of the first two things whenever possible.

Hope I helped.