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Do the Rare Candy count as Experience for the Medal?

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No, they don't.

Rare candies don't count because they don't give you any actual exp. points. They just boost a level.



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Unfortunately no.

>Rare Candy
>Rare Candy: This does not really increase your Pokemon's Exp. Points earned. It only makes your Pokemon go up to the next level by adding the needed number of Exp. Points to go to the next level. Your Pokemon's Exp. Points will set to the average of the next level, just starting out. These can be found in many areas and should be used wisely.


Exp. Millionaire
Exp. Millionaire:
Earn 1,000,000 Experience Points in a day.

Low Level Pokémon Earn more Experience in battle. Trading Pokémon from other language games will boost the amount obtained. Also Holding the Lucky Egg and using the EXP Pass Powers will gain more experience. Audino and the Chansey line have quite a lot of Experience that can be earned.


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