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What is the Pokemon with the lowest encounter rate in x and y

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gonna guess it's probably rare horde only encounters but don't know for sure
I have selected a best answer but the answer wasn't exactly what I wanted
If someone still wants to answer go ahead:)

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In Serebii, the Wild-Pokemon isn't using % , now its Common Uncommon Rare.
The following list show some of rare types of Pokemons you can find or other ways:

Starter Pokemon: These are the three Pokemon each trainer can choose from when starting their journey.
Version Exclusive Pokemon: These species only appear in Pokemon X or Y, but not both. Although you can trade to get the other.
Event Pokemon: These Pokemon are handed out as gifts from Nintendo and The Pokemon Company.
Legendary Pokemon: These Pokemon are the stuff legends are made of. Only one can be found in the entire game.
Fossil Pokemon: These Pokemon must be revived from Fossils found in the game.
Shiny Pokemon: Some trainers go their entire life without seeing a shiny Pokemon. Any species can be shiny. If you see one, capture it!
Mega-Evolved Pokemon: Kalos' biggest secret, Mega-Evolved Pokemon. These Pokemon
can only evolve in battle, and will revert to their previous forms at the conclusion.
In-Game Trades: Pokemon that can be traded with other Pokemon Trainers within the game.
Gift Pokemon: Pokemon that are given out by people within the game for free!

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Well, in X and Y, obviously the rarest Pokemon are the Legendary Pokemon, which only one exists of each Legendary species.

They are:

  • Xerneas
  • Yveltal
  • Zygarde

There are also many of the other non-native legendaries in X and Y, which are slightly less rarer as you can trade from other games. But, they are:

  • Mewtwo
  • Articuno/Moltres/Zapdos (depending on your starter)

Hope I helped. :)
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I meant in grass,caves or on the water, or any other methods of encountering pokemon like rock smash
So you mean the Pokémon that has the rarest chance of encountering?

I want the pokemon that have the lowest encounter rate in x and y