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All the OHKO moves - Fissure / Guiollotine / Sheer Cold / Horn Drill.
The question here is if No Guard boosts the OHKO moves to 100% (no miss) or would they remain the same accuracy at 30%?

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Yes it does.

>All OHKO moves have a base PP of 5. In Generation I, their accuracy was a constant 30%, but they would automatically fail if the user's Speed stat was lower than the target's. In later generations, they instead automatically fail if the target is of a higher level than the user, and their accuracy starts at 30% and increases by 1% for each level the user is above the target. For example, if the user is 70+ levels above the target, the move will have an accuracy of 100%.

>The accuracy of OHKO moves is fixed to the above formula, and will not be affected by Accuracy or Evasion stat stages. For example, holding a Wide Lens will not make OHKO moves any more likely to hit, and using Double Team will not make them any less likely to hit. However, any effects that cause a move to completely ignore the accuracy check (such as the Ability No Guard, or X Accuracy in Generation II or earlier) will allow OHKO moves to always hit.


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so it can work out with a machamp with no guard in a metronome battle? i wanna try a metronome battle with my friends, but i wanna know if that works
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Yes it does, but since no Pokemon with No Guard learns any of the OHKO you mentioned, it can only be tested by hacking or Showdown.
Also, OHKO moves are banned by Smogon and cannot be used in STABmons.

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I ask this because that think from the stabmons question, I see a Golurk with No Guard and Fissure was a great move.
Showdown has the OHKO clause.