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A few questions (read description)?

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  1. What's the point of Hold Hands
  2. What's the max power of Fury Cutter
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Ok thanks oh and sorry for the double question

2 Answers

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Hold Hands boosts the happiness of the Pokemon your using in a double battle to boost happiness, so if you need to evolve your golbat just use hold hands and golbats happiness will be boosted.
Fury Cutters maximum power is 160
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Source for Hold Hands

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Has it really been confirmed that Hold Hands has this effect? I didn't know. Can you provide a source?
It doesn't say that it boosts happiness.
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  1. It is possible that while Hold Hands does not directly affect the battle, it increases the happiness of your Pokémon. This hasn't been confirmed yet though. It is possible it is just pointless like Splash.

  2. Fury Cutter can have a maximum base power of 160, because its base power stops rising after five turns of consecutive use.


Also, please don't ask two questions in one.

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Splash AND Celebrate
^ Yeah we needed to know