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'PokeMaster' requested a trade whilst I was on Pokemon Y and I thought it might be THE PokeMaster who had recognised my name: 'TheBigFudge'. I was battling at that moment on a new nuzlocke play-through and was whittling down the health of a wild Gible in order to be able to catch it. After the battle I couldn't find 'PokeMaster' and started clicking on every passerby's profile to see if they were 'PokeMaster' but gave up as new passerby's kept loading faster than I was checking.

I would like to know, even if this wasn't THE PokeMaster.

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PokeMaster could be really anyone out there, and he doesn't have to be from this site.

For example, a player can name himself 'Batman', but that doesn't mean he is Batman.

There's no real way to find a specific individual on the PSS unfortunately.
However, by adding a person to your friends list, you will know whenever this person is online, and you should see him on the top row of your bottom screen.

enter image description here

Hope I helped!

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Damn right they aren't Batman. Because I am.

Flaf r mean :c
Thanks. It is lucky that I asked how you add someone to your friends list at the same time of asking this question then. Also, I know that may have not been THE PokeMaster but it got me thinking.