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I'm going to use him ingame and to do battle against friends. This going to be his moveset:
Rock Wrecker/Stone Edge

What should his 4th move be?
Thunder Punch maybe? Or a status move?
Thanks in advance!

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Use ThunderPunch since it covers from Water Types..
Also Fire Punch covers from Grass / Ice Types.

I'm using this Rhyperior in my team -

>Rhyperior @Expert Belt
(Shiny Rhyperior) Adamant Nature
EV's - 252 HP / 252 Attack / 4 Defense
- Stone Edge - Stab and high chance of Critical-Hit, don't go for Rock Wrecker..
- Earthquake - Stab.
- Mega Horn - Have great power, not to talk about the Rhyperior's Attack stats...
- Thunder Punch / Fire Punch- This is your choice, I'm using Thunder Punch. -> Thunder Punch covers from Water and can paralyze. (10% of paralyze). Fire Punch covers from Grass /Ice and Steel and can burn. (10% of burn).

Also Expert Belt raises super-effective moves by 20% + Rhyperior's Attack!

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Thanks. I think i'm going to pass out on fire punch because avalanche works for grass types too, i've got earthquake for steel types, and stone edge for ice types. I'm giving it thunderpunch though. (Mines adamant too, btw :))
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mega horn would be good. covers grass and psychic weakness plus his huge atk.

But I've already got grass covered, and he's not weak against Psychic (Even though he has bad special defense).