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I've been playing Pokemon since back in Blue, and I'd like to say that I'm experienced in basic team building. But I've recently been more interested in making better teams, so I'd like for someone to look at my team and share their opinion.

Venusaur w/Leftovers (Overgrow)
Leech Seed
Energy Ball

Ambipom w/Silk Scarf (Technician)
Fake Out
Double Hit
Thunder Wave

Dragonite w/Metronome (Inner Focus)
Dragon Dance
Ice Punch

Dewgong w/Damp Rock (Hydration)
Rain Dance
Ice Beam

Toxicroak w/Black Sludge (Dry Skin)
Poison Jab
Brick Break
Sucker Punch

Forretress w/Macho Brace (Overcoat)
Stealth Rock
Gyro Ball
Rapid Spin
Toxic Spikes

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Venasuar is great for a sub-seeder but for a special tank set.

Energy ball(STAB), Sludge bomb(STAB), If it has it Hidden Power(Rock) if not leach seed, the last move substitute or toxic.

Ambipom is a great physical sweeper Double hit(STAB), Aerial ace(90 base power with technition covers fighting weakness), Payback(Works well with Technition covers ghosts and psychics), Brick break for the last move(coverage)

Dragonite is also a good physical sweeper Dragonclaw or Outrage(STAB choose between power or reliablity), Fire punch(Covers Ice weakness), Waterfall or E-quake(To cover rock weakness), D-dance(Boost speed and attack).

Your Dewong is great it's rain dance also benefits Toxicroak

Toxicroak is good

Forretress is good but you could replace gyro ball with explosion

Over all you have a great team I would lead with Forretress to set up entry hazards and then explode out and take the opponent with you.

My Ambipom is more geared towards disruption than sweeping, but I can give that set a try. I'll think about the Explosion thing, but I don't want Foretress' only form of direct offense to be suicidal.