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Any tips for my Rain Dance Team?

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Are there any Pokemon or moveset suggestions? I'd like to add that I don't like using legendary Pokemon like Kyogre, just in case anyone was thinking of requesting them. This is for Pokemon Black & White.

Dewgong w/Damp Rock (Hydration)
Ice Beam
Rain Dance

Toxicroak w/Black Sludge (Dry Skin)
Poison Jab
Brick Break
Sucker Punch

Ludicolo w/Leftovers (Rain Dish)
Leech Seed
Giga Drain

Politoad w/Wise Glasses (Drizzle)
Ice Beam
Hyper Voice

Quagsire w/Rindo Berry (Water Absorb)

Lanturn w/Salac Berry (Volt Absorb)
Ice Beam

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Too bad for you, Drizzle and Swift Swim has been banned.
I don't intend to get into any competition-level battles, just fights with friends and random people on wi-fi. But if it's still an issue, than I can change it.
It's been banned by Smogon,no one really cares about their rules
Smogon sucks eggs
I agree-just do what you think is good, I think you have a great team!

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Its pretty solid except just because its a rain dance team dosent mean all your pokemon have to be water type or have a rain dance based ability

replace ludicolo with dragonite: outrage, thunder, roost, ice punch

replace politoad since drizzle is a dream world ability with the event raikou if you have it if not sorry :( raindance, thunder, aura sphere, weather ball

for quagsire replace recover with swallow because your already using stock pile to boost his defense and swallow dosent make that go away and can potentialy heal you more than recover.

hope it helped :)

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I want to take full advantage of the weather condition. And besides, as I said at the beginning, I don't like to use legendary Pokemon, which includes Raikou.

Besides, wouldn't Swallow remove Quagsire's Stockpile boost?
Exactly, didn't you see what he said?