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for example regigas and slowking could have been in OU if not for their bad abilities
Slowking has a good ability... Regenerator. It's just that Slowbro is better, usually paired with Blissey.
I think he meant Slaking ;)

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Well, i'll just list some in a random order. There is no way to tell how good some Pokemon would do in OU without their hinderance, but we can guess.

Before I list anything, I want to state that any Pokemon that is weak to Stealth Rocks or has weaknesses to common types such as Ground, Ice, Fighting, etc. would probably be better off in OU, therefore i'm not listing things because of their weaknesses unless they have a lot.

• Regigigas (Abilty)
• Slaking (Ability)
• Archeops (Abilty)
• Kyurem (Lots of weaknesses, weak to Stealth Rock)
• Abomasnow (Weaknesses)
• Rotom Freeze and Rotom Fan (Inferior typing to Rotom Wash, Heat, and Mow)
• Aurorus (Horrid typing, inferior to Abomasnow)

As I said before, I can list loads more because of their typing, but there is just too many to put.

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i'll wait and see if another answers before selecting BA
Regirock is a good example, with Sturdy it could be OU/UU.
Yea but Registeel is superior in walling. Pure rock typing is horrible.
Mention Charizard and Scyther both might have done well without weakness to Stealth Rock. Also, T-tar (way too many weaknesses, it could easily have used a better typing).
T-Tar /is/ OU. It has bad typing but good ability, stats and movepool.
lol Scyther...
Eh... Eviolite Scyther is common enough, but with Mega-Pinsir there's really no use for it.