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I got this Xerneas through a trade in exchange for a shiny Politoed (it had Damp).

The Xerneas is in a Master Ball, it's called "Nea", it is Adamant, it isn't shiny, it has 31 IVs in HP, Special Attack and Speed, and it knows Night Slash, Geomancy, Moon Blast and Horn Leech.

As soon as I saw it was in a Master Ball, I instantly thought it was hacked. And I also thought it was shiny at first, because I thought Xerneas's sprite looked like its official artwork (I've never owned one before). But it's not shiny. And I also presumed it had completely perfect IVs, but it doesn't.

So now I'm thinking that maybe it isn't hacked, and that it could be legit after all. Because apparently when you catch some legendaries, they automatically have 31 IVs in some of their stats. So could it's original trainer have kept soft resetting in front of the Xerneas you catch in game until it was Adamant, and then caught it in a Master Ball? (I'm sorry if this is too long.) :)

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What was the level though
66, and it has about 3/4 of the exp to get to 67.
Xerneas is suppose to have 4 perf ivs so its soooo hacked
Nope. It's supposed to have a minimum of 3 perfect IVs, alongside any legendary you catch in game.

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You can't really know whether it's hacked or not. But I think you have to go through a bit of trouble to hack gen 6 Pokemon. And Master Balls are typically used on legendaries. This was probably a player getting lucky with IVs. This Xerneas is most likely legit. It doesn't have anything you'd find on a regularly hacked Pokemon. So the answer would be...
No, it isn't hacked

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Thanks, I was getting really worried! I was thinking about giving it away, but now of course I won't.
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Most likely it is legit.

And there's a high probability of that. In X/Y, all Pokemon caught of the "Undiscovered" egg group have atleast 2 perfect IVs, and your Xerneas has jus one more.
Xerneas can be cought in a Master Ball, as you get the Master Ball before catching Xerneas.

Soft-resetting can easily help you get the Pokemon of desired nature, so in most probability, as I mentioned above, it is completely legit.

Hope I helped!