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Well I puted my main project aside beacause im haveing trouble with the training and im testing all kinds of training methods on pokemon so I got the power bracer and I took t-pain (my shiny admant proud of its power turtwig )for some ev training and apperntly it got pokerus I started counting anyway the number of nidorino's im takeing on each gives 2 evs but I was thinking if I got the boosting items and pokerus how much training would I realy need ?

so my question is if I had to beat 126 nidorinos without any item or pokerus how many would I have to beat with pokerus and the propper item so T-pain would be maxd out ?

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Well With power bracer and pokerus you multiply the evs by 8 which would mean every nidorino gives you 16evs becuase they give off two attack but becuase they give off two and you already have fought that many you have maxed out attack! 252evs precisely I did the math you do not need to train it any more. A tip for future training infect with pokerus then train with power item but first give it the proper medicine then you only need to fight 19 1 ev pokemon to max out a stat

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