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I have

Tyranitar. Curse, Crunch, Stone edge, E-quake

Roserade. Energy ball, Shadow ball, Weather ball, Toxic spikes

Garchomp. Stone edge, E-quake, D-Claw, Crunch(I will replace with S-dance)

Lucario(I will get). Aura sphere, Psychic, Dragon pulse, Extreem speed.

I am considering Swampert, Scizzor, and Aggron for my last two slots can anyone tell me good movesets for them and if anyone has any suggestions(That do not require expensive tms from the battle frontier) that would help too.

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Yes Swampert I am considering some of your faverites
Also what ev spread should I have for Lucario
252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 hp.

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Ok. Cool, but ur team is a bit too physical...:

Tyranitar: Good.

Roserade: good

Garchomp: Good

Lucario: Horrible. Your Lucario Set "stinks", as you'd say.
Swords Dance, Earthquake/Crunch(Since no Tms), Close Combat, Extremespeed.

You Need Special Pokemon Now. Believe it or not, in order for you to have a good team, you can't have any of the pokemon you thought about. Try:

Magnezone: Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave/Toxic, Magnet Rise, HP[Ice].

Heatran: HP[Grass], Flamethrower, Earth Power, Dragon Pulse

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