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Charizard: A must for me.
Item: Petaya Berry
Ability: Blaze
Flamethrower, Substitute, Dragon Pulse, HP Grass
A Charizard moveset that many are no doubt familiar with. It worked well for me in Gen IV, and I guess it will do so in Gen V.

Chansey: With the new Evolution Stone, Chansey makes a wonderful wall.
Item:Evolution Stone
Ability: Natural Cure
Rest, Thunder Wave, Aromatherapy, Counter
Chansey is the special wall and the team support on this team. Rest allows it to easily heal off any damage it has taken, switching out to remove the Sleep status. Thunder Wave helps any Pokemon to take down the enemy. Aromatherapy gets rid of annoying status on my team. Counter allows for some damage, as Chansey's high HP (and Natural Cure+Rest) allows for good use of this move.

Machamp: The physical powerhouse of the team.
Item: Leftovers
Ability: No-Guard
Dynamicpunch, Stone Edge, Bullet Punch, Bulk Up
While Machamp might have been forgotten with his younger brother Conkeldurr's arrival, I find Machamp a better Pokemon. Dynamicpunch and Stone Edge are guarenteed to hit, meaning almost no Pokemon can survive. Bullet Punch allows for revenge killing. Bulk up makes Machamp even more formidable.

Nidoking: The Coverage
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Sheer Force
Earth Power, Ice Beam, Sucker Punch, Dragon Tail
With type coverage, revenge killing, and phazing, Nidoking fits a number of roles. I am assumingthat only Ice Beam and Earth Power will be affected by Sheer Force.

Ditto: The Revenge Killer
Item: Choice Scarf
Ability: Eccentric
Ditto goes out and takes down a weakened opponent. Perfect!

Lapras: Immunity
Item: Balloon
Ability: Water Absorb
Dragon Dance, Body Slam, Waterfall, Ice Shard
Lapras switches in on a Water type attack or even a Ground type attack and it sets up while the opponent switches out.

What is new in Gen V there, except for Evolution Stone?
Evolution Stone, Nidoking having the ability Sheer Force and the move Dragon Tail, Ditto no longer being lame, and Balloon on Lapras.
surley you want mewtwo and mew??? then possibly look at hypno and gengar as they are very good with the combination of hypnosis and dream eater. Jolteon is a good bet as its pin missile attack is super effective against psychic pokemon and it can also be tough hyper beam. gyarados has very strong base stats and is very versatile ie surf, thunder, ice beam and fire blast ( all gen 1 moves) can be tought.

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I only have a few suggestions:

For nidoking, perhaps use thunderbolt, which gets a sheer power boost, while covering a fair amount of types. If you don't want that, then your current set is okay. The main problem is that dragon and dark don't cover very much, so perhaps change the moves a bit to let him be a better cover.

the team is pretty solid, I especially like how both Nidoking and Machamp can take the rock moves charizard can't.

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