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In emerald I have an idea for a team.There will be only names though.

Last form of ralts(cannot spell name)
Wobbofat(cannot spell name)

Is this a good plan by stats and the moves it can learn?

Whitch last evolution is it? Gallade or Gardevoir?
you cant get a gardevoir in Emerald,since gardevoir was introduced in gen IV , and Kirlia needs a Dawn Stone which is impossible cuz it didnt exist back then....... =(
No gallade was introduced in gen VI to be the psychal counter part of gardivoir
You need a male kirali then use dawn stone
gen VI ?
i think you mean gen IV...
Yep I did thanks for that but still gardivoir is gen III

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I do not know much about gen III but I do know a little and I know wobbefuet is completely useless ingame. Ingame you have to hit first and hard to minimize pp, revive and potion use no wobbefuet use flygon, salamence, or metagross. SLaking should be fine ingame becuase you just hit then get a free switch.

Choose Flygon, seeing as Metagross and Salamence are available only really late in the game.