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Well I got he best charmander I could get and since I destroyd my poor shiny ! torretera (very sad ) il train
T-pain junior so I was thinking of these ev's :

charizad -mixd sweeper (AKA-prince charlce my friends are calling it like that)
ev's: 252 speed 100 SA 152 attack
or: 170 attack 170 special attack 170 speed
or:252 attack 126 speed 126 special attack



thunder punch-coverge


dragon dance-speed and attack

well I think most of charizards coverge is in the physical category so il go with the best fire STAB that is SA so I think thats he best mixd sweeper

torretera-physical tank (AKA T-pain well theres the rapper and now theres a torretera named like that )

ev's : 170 HP 170 attack 170 defence
252 attack 126 HP 126 defence
252 attack 252 defence


seed bomb-STAB


stone edge\rock slide-coverge and rock slide is more accuret

rock polish\toxic\crunch\curse(my favorite )

so torreteras moveset is prrety simple but I think I will definetly go with curse im not sure

so accualy all I need to do is to choose which way to ev train them and thats it


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Ok, Cool.


Why Flamethrower, when you can have Overheat? The Lowering SA Isn't That Bad becuase hes Mostly a Physical Sweeper:) EVs: 152 Attack, 252 Speed, 104 SA
Dragon Dance
Thunder Punch

Torterra: EVs: 252 Attack, 248 Speed, 8 HP
Rock Polish
Stone Edge
Seed Bomb

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Charizard Evs 252 speed, 252 S.attack, 4 attack

With D-Dance you can just raise the attack to be great without many Evs but if you want his special attacks to hurt you need a lot of evs.

Torterra Evs 252 attack, Defense 104, hp 152

This way he can hit hard and becuase of high Hp he can take special damage as well.

Note you seem to not be aware that pokemon can have 510 Evs in total and 255 in one stat though becuase only every 4 evs with give one stat up you only need 252 in a stat to max it out so just give the remaining 6(Only four of which are relivant) to another stat.