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Right now I have a
Salamance: flamethrower, crunch, draco meteor, rest lum berry

Entei: its got the event moves still attack maxed

Togekiss: air slash, aura sphere, wish, thunder wave quick claw speed and spcl d maxed

Starmie: hydro pump, ice beam, psychic, t bolt not sure what item speed maxed

Gengar: Hypnosis, dream eater, psychic, shadow ball scope lens spcl a maxed

Slowbro: not sure what moveset or item still trainig him

Too many Electric weaknesses (Togekiss, Starmie, Slowbro). Ground type would be nice, eg. Steelix
I was thinking about him or maybe even a electrivire? I have slowbro in because hes hard to take down and stamie is just really fast

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Gengar's got a good setup, but I suggest an item change; your Gengar's moveset doesn't have any high crit-hit ratio attacks, so the change of getting a critical hit are still fairly low. Perhaps a Wide Lens item to increase the accuracy of Hypnosis, or a pair of Wise Glasses for Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, and Psychic.

For Starmie, you may want to switch Hydro Pump out for Surf for reliability, but otherwise its set is good. As I said for the above, Wise Glasses could come in handy.

Slowbro is an awesome Pokemon. I suggest Calm Mind, Slack Off, Psychic, and Surf for attacks, and Leftovers for the item. Hope I was of some help.

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Unfortuatly to say this but no. Your team needs Sunflora.
Leaf Storm
Petal Dance
Sunny Day
Try getting a Steelix to replace Starmie and aid your weakness to Poison Types.
Stone Edge
Double Edge
Iron Tail

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Instead of starmie use a parasect shiftry or an abomasnow