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Stone Edge
Stealth Rock

Spikes/Toxic Spikes ( which one ?)
??? ( need filler )
??? ( need filler )

Abbasnow: ( snow warning ) ( these are double battles I'm using this team for )
Grass whistle
Wood Hammer
??? ( need filler )

Shadow Ball
Dark Pulse
??? ( need filler )

Perish Song ( goes good with stealth rock and spikes/toxic spikes )
Dream Eater

Mean look
??? ( needs filler )

I plan on using this team for all level 50 double battles on Pokemon Battle Revolution

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First off, replace Lapras and Jynx. While you might say Lapras is a very important part of this team, it really isn't that great. Seeing how your foe has three turns to stay in on Perish Song, they can easily take down Lapras in that time. Jynx COULD use Mean Look, but Jynx is too easily taken down. Perish Song just isn't that effective. Replace them with two important members of a Hail team, two Pokemon that no Hail team should be without: Glaceon and Walrein. I would also replace Cloyster with the superior Regice.

Mamoswine: I would replace Blizzard with Ice Shard. Mamoswine has an amazing attack stat, and priority is always important.

Regice: Blizzard, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Explosion (works great with Froslass)

Abomasnow: Replace Grasswhistle with Leech Seed and give it Substitute. Combined Leech Seed and Hail can easily rack up damage, and Substitute protects it from all those weaknesses.

Froslass: Give it Spikes, Froslass has now replaced Cloyster and allowed you to use the much better Regice. Blizzard is a must of course. Thunderbolt offers nice coverage. Shadow Ball is another obvious.

Walrein: Considered the second most important on a Hail team (after Abomasnow of course.) Give it Leftovers and combined with Ice Body, Substitute, and Protect, it has been known to stall the foe for 32 turns. Surf and Blizzard allow it to easily go on the offensive.

Glaceon: The heavy hitter on the team. Blizzard off of that high Special Attack? Yes please. Shadow Ball and HP Fighting give it nice coverage, and Wish is good for team support.

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For Abomasnow use outrage, For Cloyster fill in Toxic/Poison Jab and Signal Beam. Fill in Trick for frosslass, because held items are a biggie in Double Battles. For Jynx, Perish Song or Fake Tears, Either works good, but since you already have lapras using perish song it might not be a great idea to use that move. Hope I Helped

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You have an interesting team on your hands. Basically all of the moves for your pokemon are good withthe exception that they all have blizzard. Now blizzard is a powerful move, but its accuracy leaves much to be desired and will miss often. Therefore, I would vary use different ice type moves for some of your pokemon.

Try teaching Ice Beam to some and leaving others with Blizzard.

HAil causes Blizzard to gain 100% accuracy.
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for abomasnow try this !! nature that increases attack and decreases speed stat ! focus sash ! earthquake avalanche ice shard and wood hammer !! it hits pretty harddd !! frosslass try taunt thunder wave sucker punch and destiny bond !! lapras and jynx u dont need !! closter u dont need spikes or nothing of that u got haill but idk its up to you on that. glaceon im having trouble with that at the moment im trying to make a ice team aswell xD 5th gen