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Why does Rampardos only give out 2 attack EVs when it has the highest attack stat out of all non-legendary and non-mega evolved Pokemon?

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If any of you have noticed, most Pokemon have EV giveaways according to their evolution and best stats - for example, Charizard gives 3 Special Attack because its best stat is SP. ATT., and it is at its 3rd evolutionary stage(so the total is 3 EVs), Lucario gives 1 Attack as well as 1 Special Attack because they are its best stats, and Lucario is at its 2nd evolutionary stage(so the toal is 1+1=2 EVs)

Therefore Rampardos gives 2 Attack because it is at its 2nd evolutionary stage.

I know all Pokemon don't give EVs in this way but this is what I've noticed and I think this is the best possible expaination.

Other than that, there is always GF Logic.

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Interesting... Never noticed that lol.

Inspecting closer, the exceptions to this rule are the non-evovable pokemon, and the legendaries.
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Because Game Freak made it that way.

Not really any other valid explanation.

Really? Stop hatin, people.  This answer is not technically wrong, nor does it break the rules or anything.  I simply took a different view on a problem there really is no definite answer to.
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