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I don't know if this is allowed or not, but I'll still ask it :3

Ok, so the new Smash Bros for 3ds came out a little while ago. That means new characters, items, and final smashes. When Greninja was revealed in the trailer, the trailer also showed new Pokemon that came out of the pokeballs, like Kyurem and Snivy(the only ones I remember). So that got me wondering... What are ALL of the new Pokemon in the new game and what do they do?
E.g: When Kyurem comes out of its pokeball, it freezes every character on the battlefield except for the user.(I don't know if that's what it actually does, it's just a guess)

Thanks in advance

it rely  comes out 16 days from now
3ds version is out already

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Here we go

Giratina-Uses Dragon Breath to creat Create a Whirlwind blowing players off the screen
Darkrai-Uses Dark Void sending nearby players to Sleep
Arceus-Uses Gravity pulling Players to the ground
Victiny-Makes the User a bit stronger and protects them from flinching(Victory Star)
Snivy -Uses Razor Leaf sending Projectiles throughout the Stage
Oshawott- Uses it's Scalchop/Razor Shell to hit players as it runs around the stage
Zoroark-Uses Fury Swipes on Players in Mid-Air Knocking them Down
Kyurem-Uses Glaciate to Freeze Players around it
Keldeo-Uses It's Signature Move,Secret Sword to attack nearby Players
Meloetta-Starts to Sing,Sending out Musical Notes that will hurt You
Genesect-Uses Techno Blast at various Enemies
Chespin-Uses Seed Bomb
Fenniken-Uses Incinerate on a Foe
Fletchling-goes around the Stage Using Peck
Spewpa-Stands Still,if hit it will Use Stun Spore
Gogoat-Players Ride on it,stomping Enemies
Swirlix-uses Sweet Veil,slowing down enemies if they get too close
Inkay-Uses Topsy-Turvy knocking over Enemies
Dedenne-Shoots out four bolts of electricity
Xerneas-Uses Geomancy,Powers up All Players

Hope I Helped-Legend of Lotad (credit to Electricdash02 for some minor Edits)

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I thinks the Meloetta singing might be Relic Song.
Spewpa should be using Stun Spore, Genesect should be using Techno Blast, Chespin should be using Seed Bomb. Oshawott should be using Razor Shell, Dedenne MIGHT be using Discharge. Victini MIGHT be using its Victory Star ability
Good answer. Will give BA unless no better answers are given
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