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----> for example. Mega Evolutions don't count, if there are any that have a dramatic change

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This is opinionated, but whatever. If there's any you think I missed, comment.

Metapod to Butterfree!
Kakuna to Beedrill!
Exeggcute to Exeggutor!
Magikarp to Gyarados!

. . . . . . . .The one you said!

Remoraid to Octillery!
Tyrogue to the Hitmons!
Pupitar to Tyranitar!
Silcoon to Beautifly!
Cascoon to Dustox!
Trapinch to Vibrava!
Clamperl to its evolutions!
Shelgon to Salamence!
Feebas to Milotic
Burmy to Mothim!
Whirlipede to Scolipede!
Karrablast to Escavalier!
Spewpa to Vivillon!

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No Remoraid --> Octillery?
Feebas to Milotic? :P
You forgot some, like Kabuto to Kabutops, Pineco to Forretress, Snorunt to its evolutions, Roggenrola to Boldore, Yamask and Cofagrigus, and Shelmet to Accelgor. And don't forget Fennekin to Braxien xD. Jk, good job!
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If you really must...
These Pokemon are sorted by generation by their base Pokemon.

Gen I

Metapod --> Butterfree
Rattata --> Raticate
Vulpix --> Ninetales
Gloom --> Bellossom
Venonat --> Venomoth
Psyduck --> Golduck
Poliwhirl --> Politoed
Graveler --> Golem (sorta)
Exeggcute --> Exeggcutor
Tyrogue --> Hitmonlee
Tyrogue --> Hitmonchan
Tyrogue --> Hitmontop
Rhydon --> Rhyperior (sorta)
Goldeen --> Seaking (sorta)
Staryu --> Starmie (sorta)
Scyther --> Scizor
Magikarp --> Gyarados
Dragonair --> Dragonite
And all Eeveelution changes

Gen II

Spinarak --> Ariados (sorta)
Mareep --> Flaaffy (sorta)
Flaaffy --> Ampharos
Hoppip --> Skiploom
Skiploom --> Jumpluff
Misdreavus --> Mismaguis (sorta)
Pineco --> Foretress
Snubbull --> Granbull
Remoraid --> Octillery
Phanpy --> Donphan
Larvitar --> Pupitar
Pupitar --> Tyranitar


Wurmple --> Silcoon
Wurmple --> Cascoon
Silcoon --> Beautifly
Cascoon --> Dustox
Nuzleaf --> Shiftry (sorta)
Surskit --> Masquerain
Skitty --> Delcatty (sorta)
Meditite --> Medicham (sorta)
Electrike --> Manectric (sorta)
Gulpin --> Swalot
Carvanha --> Sharpedo
Numel --> Camerupt
Spoink --> Grumpig
Trapinch --> Vibrava
Baltoy --> Claydol
Barboach --> Whiscash (sorta)
Lileep --> Cradily (sorta)
Chingling --> Chimecho
Snorunt --> Glalie
Snorunt --> Froslass
Clamperl --> Huntail
Clamperl --> Gorebyss
Bagon --> Shelgon
Shelgon --> Salamence

Gen IV

Burmy --> Mothim
Cherubi --> Cherrim (sorta)
Skorupi --> Drapion

Gen V

Tympole --> Palpitoad
Venipede --> Whirlipede
Whirlipede --> Scolipede
Cottonee --> Whimsicott
Krokorok --> Krookodile
Ducklett --> Swanna
Karrablast --> Escavalier
Tynamo --> Eelektrik
Elgyem --> Beheeyem
Litwick --> Lampent (sorta)
Axew --> Fraxure (sorta)
Shelmet -->Accelgor (sorta)
Mienfoo --> Mienshao

Gen VI

Spewpa --> Vivillon
Floette --> Florges (sorta)
Espurr --> Meowstic
Honedge --> Doublade (sorta)
Inkay --> Malamar (but if you turn Malamar upside down...)

Hope I helped. :)

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