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Seeing as Normal Pokemon are the kings of versatility, I decided to dabble in a Normal-type only team. I have four Pokemon set up, and would like to know if I should make any changes and what Pokemon I should add.

Ambipom (Disruptor Set)
Item: Silk Scarf
Ability: Technician
Fake Out
Double Hit
Thunder Wave

Ursaring (Res-talk)
Item: Muscle Band
Ability: Guts
Sleep Talk

Braviery (Sweeper)
Item: Life Orb
Ability: Sheer Force
Crush Claw
Shadow Claw
Rock Slide
? ? ?

Sawsbuck (Support/Sweeper)
Item: Big Root
Ability: Sap Sipper
Horn Leech
Aromatherapy/Worry Seed (Depending on if I'm playing Singles or Doubles)
Swords Dance/Leech Seed


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Give yourself Chansey and Ditto. I think their roles should be obvious.

Ambipom seems fine. It won't be very effective, but it can chip away at the opponent's health. I would suggest just giving Ursaring a Flame Orb and let it run amok. Replace Restalk with Stone Edge and Crunch, then I would get out Quake for CLose Combat. Sawsbuck I would give Jump Kick instead of Aromatherapy/Worry Seed. Chansey give an Evolution Stone and teach it Counter, Toxic, Softboiled, and Aromatherapy. Ditto just send it out with a CHoice Scarf and revenge kill everything in sight.

Edit: Okay, now that I know what Braviery is, I agree with PokemonBlack in that a Special Attacker should be added. Go with Porygon-Z and give it Nasty Plot, Tri-Attack, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam with the ability Adaptability.

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Chansey(SP Defence Wall)
Item:Light Clay
Ability:Natural Cure
Light Screen

Switch Braviary with Togekiss because you need a Special Sweeper..
Item:Life Orb
Ability:Serene Grace
Ancient Power
Air Slash
Aura Sphere
Thunder Wave

Switch the Ursaring moveset
Item-Flame Orb
Shadow Claw
Brick Break

Last Pokemon would be Tauros
Item:Silk Scarf
Ability:Anger Point
Zen Headbutt
Stone Edge

Hope this helps..

Chansey is now superior to Blissey. And I never would put Focus Sash on Blissey, almost nothing can OHKO it.
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I would recommend a stoutland actually. These guys have killer attack, and can learn ice, thunder and fire fang! They also get crunch and take down early on, so they can sweep like crazy. I would give it the rugged helment, so that everytime it takes physical damage, the foe gets hurt too! They could even be hit by 2 recoils!