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I just need help leveling up my Pokemon.

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The Elite 4's Pokemon range from levels 63 ~ 68, and there are no wild Pokemon over level 60.
The best place to train Pokemon is probably Sushi High Roller in Lumiose City, their trainer's Pokemon are all level 65. Use Experience Power and choose Triples and your Pokemon will level up in no time. It's going to enlighten your wallet though, one course costing you 500, 000 pokedollars. If you are looking to train lower level Pokemon, then Restaurant Le Wow is probably a better place, their Pokemon are all level 63, one trainer has an Audino too, which will produce a lot of Experience Points. The cost for entry is 100, 000 pokedollars.

You can battle your rival too
Yeah, I guess, her/his highest level Pokemon is level 70, but I still prefer to use the Restaurants.
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Battle chateau

Start a black writ of challenge and go battle the people with Audinos while Exp-3 is on and your Pokemon is holding a lucky egg.
It gets the job done much faster.
However, it is 300,000 Pokedollars to issue a Black writ of challenge
so if it's too expensive resort to Crimson's answer.
EDIT: You can battle your rival but the experience is better than the restaurants but worse than the Audinos.
Hope I helped!
-It's a secret!

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