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Let's say there are 2 Fennekins. One is EV trained at level 1. The other at level 30.
My question: Will the first Fennekin have higher stats than the second one because the EVs kick in earlier?

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No, but only assuming that they have the same IVs and Nature.

If you raise the Lv.1 Pokemon to Lv.30, then the stats would be the same. But the one at Lv.30 would obviously have higher stats at first since it would be at a higher level.

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Level 1 fully EV trained Fennekin: 12/6/6/7/6/7

Level 30 non-EV trained Fennekin: 73/41/38/51/5050

As you can see, Fennekin number 2 would have higher stats. Normally 252 EVs = 63 stat points. However, a stat is only effected very smally by EVs on a Pokemon at lower levels, there is only 1 stat point difference in the EV trained stats on Fennekin 1.
Although they don't seem to affect stats much at level 1, the effects of EV training will start to show as they get to higher levels.

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No matter what level you train them at, when they get to the same level, they will have the same stats.
This means that when your lvl 1 Fennekin and the lvl 30 Fennekin will be the same level, they will definitely have the same stats.

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