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I battled trainer Baker Lilly, left the building, and saved the game. For the last 5 days I've turned on the game to see who the new trainers are but trainer Baker Lilly is still in there and I can't even re-battle her. The reason I'm asking is because I'm trying to run into either Breeder Owen or Brooke.

how many badges do you have?

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Here this may help you: You are trying to run into Breeder Owen, right? He is an additional Trainer which can appear in either of the buildings there is no set time for him. The additional Trainers can appear 3 at a time . Additional Trainers appear when the player enters the Hall of Fame for the first time (I know you know that, but just in-case) btw Baker Lilly is also a additional Trainer.
Source: Bulbapedia (Big Stadium and Small Court page)

(Yeah I've entered the hall of fame.) The additional trainers should keep rotating on a daily basis correct? Each new day it's the same trainers. And even if it's the same trainers, for example Baker Lilly, I should still be able battle them again right? This is not happening. They trainers aren't changing or letting me battle them and I'm unsure why.
Try running it through sleep mode and letting an in-game day cycle go by.