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Now this question may seem silly, but I can explain my intentions I swear.

So I have this running joke going on with friends for a while now that I'm a goat, and so on. Anything associated with goats is associated with me.
And because I thought it would be a good idea, if I could make a "Goat-Themed" Pokémon Team, that I could (preferably) maybe even use competitively.
This is where the problem is: I don't think there are any other goat Pokémon than Gogoat and Skiddo...or are there?

Obviously Gogoat would be one of the Pokémon on this team.
I had to get creative with the rest.
-I was considering Houndoom, because first of all, it has two horns, like a goat. Goats are also constantly associated with demons, and if there is a single Pokémon out there that represents demons, it's Houndoom. It can also mega evolve.
-Glalie was another one I thought about, since it has two horns (like a goat) and can learn Headbutt, which is something goats do. Its mega evolution has a beard.

This is it. I am stuck. I can't think of any more. And because of my lack of experience for competitive battling, I don't even know if Gogoat, Houndoom and Glalie even work well together. Also I would still need three more to make a complete team.

What other Pokémon exist that (somewhat) resemble goats? I don't really care how seemingly random the suggestions would be as long as you state how it qualifies as a goat.

If you guys could give me suggestions, I would forever be grateful to you.


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There aren't any other Pokemon specifically based on goats. The closest other Pokemon that resemble goats is the Mareep line (sheep).

If you really wanted to, you could call the musketeer trio & Keldeo goats, since they're quadrupedal hoofed Pokemon, but by the same token you can call them horses/ deer.

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