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Reckless, double edge, brave bird steel wing, U-turn

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How's this?

Starly @Life orb/ Choice Band/ Choice Scarf
Ability: Reckless
Nature: Adamant (+Atk -SpA) / Jolly (+Spe -SpA
Evs: 255 Atk/ 255 Spe

 -Brave Bird (Reckless+Stab=Sweep, simple right?)
 -Double Edge (Need I explain??)
 -Detect/ U-Turn (For stall or to figure out moves / for reliable damage+ scouting)
 -Final Gambit (for those annoying massive defense yet terrible HP Pokes)

It'll bring many-a-victory's to you!

this is the definition of reckless
Reckless Is an Ability that Powers up moves Like Take Down and Brave Bird By 20%. Its a really useful Ability for Staraptor and Bouffalant.
Source: Bulbepedia