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Samurott/ Torrent
Mixed Sweeper
Retaliate (I'll send this guy out when one of my other guys faints :D)
Ice Beam

Liepard/ Limber
The Cat That Causes Status Damage!
Fake Out (Free Damage, yusssss!)
Thunder Wave
Night Slash

Swasbuck / Sap sipper
Aromatherapy (Bye, bye statuses!)
Leech Seed(Heck yeah!)
Horn Leech (So it can heal itself :D)
HP Ground/Flying (Ground for fire weakness, flying for fighting)

Archeops/ I know it has a bad ability, I still love it though! ;D
Physical Sweeper
Rock Slide

Galvantuala/ Compound Eyes
Special Sweeper
Bug Buzz
Thunder (Yus! Boost that accuracy!)
Energy Ball

Reshiram (???)/ Turboblaze
Dragon Pulse
Cross Flame
Dragon Rage (??? 40 free hit points down)

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I'll let speed freak say what I'm thinking.

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You have two pokemon that I have in my pokemon B & W team, so I am only going to care about thoose.

Bug Buzz - More power than signal beam
Thunder - Have 100 accuracy
Toxic - Have 115 accuracy
Light Screen - To keep it alive a few more turns/Energy Ball - To cover rock weakness

Acrobatics - STAB
Rock Slide - STAB
Earthquake - Coverage
Torment - Makes it harder to kill/Toxic - Something to do when having 70 base attack/Sandstorm - Gives it a 50 % spa defense boost

You should look over Reshiram and Samurotts move set, but the rest is good!

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Not too bad but you need to work on sawsbuck & liepard. They need a move that will hit any time such as slam, dark pulse or other moves of the sort but they only need one on each. This is a killer team otherwise. Galvantula is gonna hurt many pokemon bad + in a double battle reshiam & archeops can do damage, reshiam uses dragon rage + archeops' rock slide or earthquake ect can do damage & kill opponent fast. Good job! :)

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Sawsbuck & Liepard is only ones he have give good move sets, and Horn Leech does damage.