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Not sure if this shiny Groudon is legit. I got it from the GTS. It's in a Master Ball, with the right ability and stuff. It came from the Unova region apparently, but the next part makes me think it's hacked. Perfect IVs in every stat. It's awesome, yes, but I need to know if it's hacked or not.

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lol there is no way that that is legit.
You can't obtain Groudon in unova, silly.
Well I derped, I thought it meant it was transferred TO unova and transferred to x and y x3 lol

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Nope, it's not legit

As of right now, you can't get Groudon in Unova, so its obviously hacked. Also, the only 6iv legendaries you can get are from events, like the Moonblast Shiny Jirachi.
You can only get Groudon in Johto and Hoenn.
Hopefully this answers your question
Hope I helped!

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Thanks! But I must wait.... to see shiny primal groudon :3
:3 I can give you the sprite of it
Please do! I need to see its epicness. :D
You can get Legendries with 6 IVs in game... you just have to be extremely, extremely, extremely lucky!
In fact in X and Y, Legendary Pokémon are guaranteed to have 31 IVs in three of their random stats.
The Groudon's definitely hacked though.