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Share your best in-game teams for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire on this thread! Before submitting yours, please read the following guidelines and make adjustments where they fit.

  • Include (at least) six Pokemon in your answer, each with recommended moves for use throughout the playthrough. You can include abilities, items, natures and the like, but they are not necessary.

  • Remember that players may be unable to access certain Pokemon, such as those restricted by version exclusivity. If you'd like to suggest a Pokemon like this, please mention alternative/s.

  • Consider the unspoken rules of in-game teams, such as to keep the starter on the team or avoid legendaries. You're welcome to suggest otherwise but, again, it's kind to include other options.

  • Provide explanation and detail. Justify your Pokemon and moveset choices; possible discussion points include ease-of-use, team synergy and coverage for key battles.

  • Submit your team as an answer, not a comment. To keep things tidy, we will remove any teams posted as comments in this thread. If you simply want to update your post, use the 'edit' button.

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When I play Pokemon, I never change my 6 core members. Omega Ruby is no difference. I still used HM Slaves but the only one who battle are them below. Please keep in mind, changing 4 moves & held items are essential, but I will list the most common used/ or Battle Maison sets. The best part is that I always go Low Level with no item used from the bag during the battle, like revive or Max Potion. This prove they are the ideal Pokemon to use. No more than LV51 before facing the superboss.

Ability: Blaze. @Blazkienite. -Fire Punch, High Jump Kick, Swords Dance, Rock Slide

Let KICK off with our favorite starter topic, Blaziken. Why? 1) Its the best fire ORAS Pokemon. 2) Mega Evolution Speed Boost allow me to outspeed many high LV poke. 3) Access to many great TM & tutors. 4) My personal favorite from the 3 starters. 5) Great typing facing trainers like Sidney & Norman. 6) One of my Battle Maison super single team. Need I said more :D

Ability: Chlorophyll. -Extrasensory, Leaf Storm, Leaf Blade, Dark Pulse

My 2nd member is Shiftry. Even with its average speed & defenses, its typing is good, and it still outspeed many critical Pokemon & take some hit in return, even under level. For example, its Fake Out + Low Sweep work great against Norman's Slaking. This is the Pokemon to help counter Blaziken weakness; Water & Ground, like rematch Wallace.

Ability: Trace. @Gardevoirite. -Trick Room, Moonblast, Psyshock, Hyper Beam

Next stop, our fan favorite, Gardevoir. Access every early in the game, and with its new Fairy typing & a Mega evolution, it a massive attacker with great TM access like Trick Room (Which is is vital for my LL team). Fairy is a seriously great typing in ORAS, like facing Zinnia & Drake with a pixilate Hyper Beam. Overkill!

Ability: Intimidate. @Mawilite. -Play Rough, Iron Head, Sucker Punch, Swords Dance

Our fourth member is my all time favorite, Mawile. It can only be obtain in Omega Ruby, which is why I play that from Alpha Sapphire. The one I had is pure breeding, perfect IV, Intimidate ability, Huge Power Mega Evolution, perfect typing, and what a great finale against the superboss Wally's Mega Gallade. I'd OHK so many, lol.

Ability: Sturdy. @Expert Belt. -Ice Shard, Earthquake, Counter, Endeavor

Donphan! Surprise, me too but for a different reason. I was surprise no one mention this fellow, its such a great Pokemon. With the new feature Poke DexNav, finding one in the Safari Zone to breed & get Sturdy, Ice Shard, Counter & Endeavor are so cool, this one is especially a menaces in Battle Maison. There are more strong physical attacker than special, so Counter+Rocky Helmet are an amazing combo.

Ability: Speed Boost. @Life Orb. -Ice Beam, Taunt, Protect, Destiny Bond

Lastly is Sharpedo. This one is widely used in the original game, and its still is but better. Same as searching/breeding Donphan DexNav, I save so much time to get Destiny Bond & Speed Boost. These are powerful & so useful for my LL run, and this poke knock out off the park inside Battle Maison. I use Crunch when mega evolve it during normal fight like facing rematch Phoebe. Great HM slave too.

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Torchic Team

(There are TONS of megas in this team so I either recommend switching between them or focusing on one)

Blaziken @Blazikenite

Ability: Blaze > Speed Boost
-Blaze Kick
-Sky UpperCut
-Strength/Flare Blitz

This is your average starter made for sweeping teams. If You want you can replace Strength for Flare Blitz, I Personally used Flare Blitz as it is good for Steven's Metagross. Strength will come up Later for another mon.
Breloom @Rocky Helmet

Ability: Effect Spore
-Mach Punch/Rock Smash
-Power-Up Punch
-Seed Bomb
-Leech Seed/Sleep Powder

The Grass type for this region personal favorite Grass non-starter. This thing destroys Roxanne and Wallace in seconds, and can be a useful ally during the dark elite 4, Also Anything That touches it turns useless

Sharpedo @Sharpedonite

Ability: Speed Boost > Strong Jaw

Sharpedo is good for liza and tate and can sweep flannery. Its good for the water HM's,as well as its crunch for Stab and Strong Jaw

Aggron @Aggronite

Ability: Rock Head > Filter
-Double Edge/Strength
-iron Head/Iron Tail
-Stone Edge/Rock Slide
Aggron is a great tank and goes head to head with even legendaries, as well as being a good switch in and mega for Metagross or its pre evolution Larion, (If You Grind) for Slaking

Dusclops @Eviolite

Ability: Pressure
-Shadow Punch
-Shadow Ball
-Future Sight/Dark Pulse
-Rest/Will-o-Wisp/Thunder Wave/Yawn

This absolutely DESTROYS the ghost elite 4 and Mt.pyre in its pre evolution. It can tank hits from about any Pokemon except maybe a Mega Raquaza

Altaria @Altarianite

Ability: Natural Cure > Pixilate
-Hyper Beam
-Dragon Dance
-Dragon Pulse

Pixilate Hyper beam is death to all dragons and nothing will stop it once dragon danced

Not bad but for aggron I'd use Heavy Slam for his steel move. It's tailor made for him. More damage the heavier the user, and that guy ways 800lbs and the move has 100% accuracy
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This is my go to team. Never had a hard time with it and had overall easy time destroying everyone.

1: Blaziken (Adamant)(Blazikenite)

Blaziken is a beast with a huge multi type movepole to use but here is by far the best in my opinion.

A) Thunder punch (Water Weakness)
B) Earthquake (Great Stab)
C) Flamethrower/Blaze Kick (Stab)
D) Sky Uppercut/Brick Break (Stab)

Since Thunder Punch can only be learned post game so I suggest shadow claw to deal with his psychic weakness. All moves here have 100% accuracy and will counter more than half of all Pokemon types and still throw a hefty punch at the other types. If you utilize Pokemon moves with their types they do more damage but also using different types allows the Pokemon to deal more vital blows to other Pokemon types.

2: Gardevoir (Modest)(Gardevoirnite)

My favorite Pokemon and the best psychic Pokemon with the added fairy nature. You'll devastate almost everything with this movepole

A) Psychic (Stab)
B) Shadowball (Weakness/Other Psychic)
C) Moonblast/Dazzling Beam (Stab)
D) Focus Blast (Stab/Steel Weakness)

This is by far the best move set that will devastate anything thrown at her. Focus Blast has only 70 accuracy but oh my, when it hits and it being a fighting move utilizing her special attack, it hits hard.

3: Salamence (Neutral)(Salamencite)

How can I not include this beast of a Pokemon? Shame you can't get him early on but oh my is he worth it!

A) Fly (HM/Stab)
B) Steel wing (Fairy Weakness)
C) Dragon Claw (Dragon Weakness/Stab)
D) Flamethrower (Stab)

This is my preference for a very powerful move set and one I feel fits a dragon. Salamence has such a high attack and special attack he will one hit almost anything and destroy the highly favored Altaria by speed and attack alone. A good stand in till you get Salamence is Latias/Latios since you get them before you get the HM Fly and rather easily.

4: Gyarados (Neutral)

Another beast of a Pokemon that this time you can get early on. It's sight alone is intimidating to other players when facing them. Sharpedo is great and all but Gyarados is faster and has a higher attack than Sharpedo.

A) Ice Fang (Stab)
B) Earthquake (Electric Weakness)
C) Thunderbolt (Stab)
D) Surf (HM/Stab)

Gyarados has a higher physical attack but still a decent special attack therefore Ice Fang is stronger than Icebeam in that scenario but Ice Beam can still be used. With this move set Gyarados can crush all the other types without having to use a water hm slave for simply surfing. Waterfall is a good alternative though if you want to utilize Gyarados' higher attack.

5: Aggron (Jolly)(Sturdy)(Aggronite)

This guy is a walking tank simply put. Decent attack and op defense he can take almost anything. With this move set you will counter his biggest weakness (fighting type) and with his mega evolution looses his water weakness.

A) Rock Slide (Stab)
B) Earthquake (Great Stab/Steel Adv)
C) Aerial Ace (Fighting Weakness)
D) Heavy Slam (Great Stab)

Heavy Slam is his best move. Tailor made for Aggron as it does more damage the heavier the user and the guy weighs 800lbs! Aerial Ace counters his fighting type weakness and rock slide has a higher accuracy than stone edge so it's best to hit more as sometimes that's vital for Aggron

Now with the last one I wasn't really sure. These 5 can pretty much hold there on and together punch back anything thrown at them. So this is me personally, feel free to use a Manectric or Magnezone but this choice is faster and when it comes to battles, the first punch is the best.

6: Pikachu (Lax) (Lightball)

Now hear me out. I know Raichu is better. But I prefer Pikachu. Yes, Manectric and Magnezone are stronger but Pikachu is faster. She (mine is female) can hit first and when she does I make sure it's effective. Then there is the Light Ball that I found on route 119 (I think) that boosts her special attack and attack to rival Manectric and Magnezone. But again that's just my preference. With this move set Pikachu will dominate over her weaknesses and other electric Pokemon.

A) Grass Knott (Ground Weakness)
B) Dig (Stab against other Electric Types)
C) Brick Break (Great Stab)
D) Thunderbolt (Duh)

Grass Knott is perfect for Pikachu as it deals more damage the heavier the target and Pikachu is rather small. Dig deals with other electric types and brick break is just a good stab moves to deal with more difficult types like Steel. Thunderbolt is more accurate than Thunder and I'd rather be accurate.

This is my team. I've used said team in all generations (thunderbolt for Gardevoir for the older gens) and my team destroyed everyone. I never had a hard time and neither will you.

Now for HM slaves. You'll always need one till you face the Elite 4 and these are the three best, HM wise, to use:

1: Linoone (Pick Up)

When I learned this guy can pick up items during battle I immediately, on my next run through in Emerald, had four of them in my team as I trained Torchic and Ralts. Besides being fantastic HM slaves it's just nice to get pokeballs, potions, and even rare candies from them. Any who here's a good HM move set for Linoone to use.

A) Cut (HM)
B) Strength (HM)
C) Rock Smash (HM)
D) Surf (HM)

Wait Linoone can learn surf? That makes no sense. So can Aggron and that makes even less sense but zigzagoon canot be found right outside route 101.

For Water and you decided your water Pokemon should keep surf:

  1. Wailmer

Wailmer is such a versatile HM slave. The Swiss Army knife of HM slaves as Wailmer can learn all except cut and fly.

A) Strength
B) Rock Smash
C) Dive
D) Waterfall

Now of course you can teach it surf but if you want your water Pokemon to use surf anyways without having to sacrifice other moves for HMs then Wailmer is for you. Relatively easy to get with the Good Rod he is the best for Water HMs.

Now let's say you don't want to use Latios/Latias as they are legendary and want to use a legit Pokemon to fly and don't want to use bird Pokemon. Then this one is perfect as it can use all other nonwater HMs:

3: Tropius

Another versatile HM slave that can easily be caught before you get the HM Fly.

A) Fly (Duh)
B) Cut (HM)
C) Rock Smash (HM)
D) Strength (HM)

A great replacement for Linoone and stand in till your preferred flying Pokemon that are harder to get like Flygon and Salamence

And that does it for my best team for Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. With the exception of Pikachu and the HM slaves they can all mega evolve. Only a few of their moves don't have 100% accuracy but still have quite the power. With the move set provided you can deal with all Pokemon types you'll encounter and just devastate anyone.

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-flamethrower (tm)
-sky uppercut (lvl up)
-earthquake (tm)
-rock slide (Tm)

-surf (hm)
-Ice beam (tm)
-dark pulse (tm)
-earthquake (tm)

Cacturne-Black Glasses
-energy ball (lvl up as cacturnes pre-evolution
-dark pulse (tm)
-spiky shield (lvl up)
-power-up-punch (tm)

-flamethrower (tm)
-thunderbolt (tm)
-discharge (lvl up)
-crunch (lvl up)

-cross poison (lvl up)
-x-scissor (tm)
-fly (hm)
-steel wing (tm)

-stone edge (tm)
-flash cannon (tm)
-thunderbolt (tm)
-flamethrower (tm)

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Here's a team for Treecko.
I actually recently did a shiny DTQ in Omega Ruby using this team, it was a blast.

Sceptile @ Miracle Seed

- Leaf Blade / Energy Ball
- Dual Chop / Dragon Claw
- X-Scissor
- Night Slash
How to Obtain: Starter

Gallade @ Expert Belt

- Psycho Cut
- Brick Break / Close Combat
- Poison Jab
- Swords Dance
How to Obtain: Catch Ralts on Route 102

Tentacruel @ Mystic Water / NeverMeltIce

- Surf
- Dive / Waterfall
- Sludge Bomb
- Ice Beam / Blizzard
How to Obtain: Catch Tentacool literally anywhere with water

Magnezone @ Magnet

- Thunderbolt
- Flash Cannon
- Hidden Power
- Thunder Wave
How to Obtain: Catch Magnemite on Route 110 (Hordes)

Sandslash @ Soft Sand

- Dig / Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Shadow Claw
- Strength / Swords Dance
How to Obtain: Catch Sandshrew on Route 111 or 113

Altaria @ Leftovers

- Dragon Pulse
- Fly
- Moonblast
- Flamethrower / Fire Blast
How to Obtain: Catch Swablu on Route 114

I hope somebody finds this useful!

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This is the team I used to beat all the gyms and elite four ,I would love to know your opinions on this team.
Blaziken @ Blazikenite (EVENT POKEMON)
Ability: Speed Boost
Adamant Nature
- Blaze Kick(STAB)
- Low Sweep(STAB)
- Bulk Up
- Earthquake

Gardevoir @ Gardevoirite
Ability: Trace
Timid Nature
- Psychic(STAB)
- Calm Mind
- Dazzling Gleam/MoonBlast(STAB)
- Energy Ball

Salamence @ Metal Coat(Steel type attacks have 1.2X power)
Ability: Intimidate
Jolly Nature
- Dragon Claw(STAB)
- Earthquake
- Steel Wing
- Fly(STAB)

Pikachu @ Light Ball(doubles pikachu's ATK and SP.ATK)
EVs: 252 Atk / 6 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Fake Out
- Thunder Punch(STAB)
- Brick Break
- Knock Off

Gyarados @ Leftovers
Ability: Intimidate
Adamant Nature
- Waterfall(STAB)
- Dive(STAB)
- Crunch
- Ice Fang

Darkrai @ Focus Sash(EVENT POKEMON)(FOCUS SASH-If hp is full,will survive an attack that would KO with 1 HP)
Ability:Bad Dreams
Timid Nature
- Dark Void
- Dream Eater
- Dark Pulse
- Phantom Force
Also I used a HM slave which was linoone.

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For this team, I didn't use any Post-Game TMs, egg moves, version exclusives , trade evolutions or legendaries. I tried not to use any moves over level 50 or any late game TMs unless if it was necessary. Also I used Pokemon that you can access early in the game. This way, the team can be used by anyone without too much difficulty. Enjoy c:

Swampert (Starter)
Ability: Torrent
-Ice Beam/Ice Punch
or Hammer Arm/Rock Slide/Rain Dance

Swampert is the best starter to use in Hoenn, hands down! It does well against 4 gyms leaders and is neutral with the rest. It can dish out hits as well as take hits too. Also it dominates Team Magma and is great against Team Aqua. If you don't want to use HM Slaves you can give both Surf and Waterfall to Swampert, they are both good STAB moves. Earthquake is incredibly powerful making it the best ground STAB. Ice Beam/Ice Punch covers Swampert's grass weakness.Hammer Arm is very strong coverage - great for taking out Mightyenas as well as 2 of the elite four and of course the champion. Rock Slide isn't bad either as it has a chance to flinch or you can use rain dance for Mega Swampert's swift swim ability.

Gardevoir (Ralts - Route 102)
Ability: Syncronize/Trace
-Shadow Ball
-Focus Blast/Calm Mind

Gardevoir is a very useful special attacker as it has access to alot of coverage as well as having high Sp.Atk and Sp.Def stats. Psychic and Moonblast are it's strongest STAB options. Shadow Ball takes care of it's ghost weakness and can be useful against Tate and Liza. Focus Blast takes care of Glacia, Sidney and Steven - you can give it a X-Accuracy if it misses alot. If want to setup and sweep then go for Calm Mind.

Hariyama (Makuhita - Granite Cave)
Ability: Thick Fat/Guts
-Close Combat
-Stone Edge
-Bulk Up/Heavy Slam

Hariyama is very bulky and hits extremely hard. Close Combat is really powerful and is strong against Wattson,Norman,Sidney, Glacia and Steven. Stone Edge is strong coverage - great against Flannery, Winona, Glacia, Drake's Altaria/Salamence and deals with it's flying weakness. Earthquake is just way too powerful so I had to put on a strong physical attacker. Bulk Up is a good setup move and goes well with Close Combat.If you want more coverage use Heavy Slam.

Crobat (Zubat - Granite Cave)
Ability: Inner Focus
-Cross Poison
-Steel Wing/Roost

Crobat has really good physical attack and insane speed with decent overall stats. Crobat is going be this team's flyer so you can give it Fly for convenience. If you have a HM Slave then you can teach Crobat Acrobatics. Acrobatics is amazing STAB and since Crobat is very fast it will destroy anything that is weak to it E.G May's Sceptile. Cross Poison is it's best poison STAB and great for dealing with fairies. Steel Wing is a decent coverage move as it can deal with Crobats' ice/rock weakness and having the defense boost is nice. If you want recovery, roost is your best option. X-Scissor can help out against it's psychic weakness as well as taking care of Sidney's team and Steven's Claydol. U-Turn can be handy if your Crobat is at low health and you need switch.

Manectric (Electrike - Route 110)
Ability: Static
-Double Team
-Thunder Wave/Volt Switch

Manectric is an all out attacker having high Attack and Speed stats. Thunderbolt is really good STAB - making easy work of Winnoa/Wallace. Flamethrower is great coverage against Glacia, Steven and May's Sceptile. You can set up a quick double team to ensure you don't get hit. T-Wave is great for crippling the opponent's speed. Volt Switch is pretty handy when your in a tough situation and need to save your Pokemon from fainting.

Absol (Route 120)
Ability: Pressure/Super Luck
-Night Slash/Sucker Punch
-Psycho Cut/Flamethrower
-Aerial Ace
-X-Scissor/Swords Dance

This Pokemon is overall amazing and it's stats back it up especially its Mega evolution. It does neutrally well against the Evil teams as well as the Rival and Wally. Night Slash is really powerful STAB its great against Tate/Liza and destroys both Phoebe's team and Glacia's Frosslass. Sucker Punch is another option.Psycho Cut can deal with Absol's fighting weakness or you can use flamethrower if you chose Magnezone as your electric Pokemon. Aerial Ace is there to take out any fighting type threats. X-Scissor is there for more coverage or if you want to setup you can use Swords Dance.

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Why is surf and waterfall interchangeable, when you need both to beat the game? Also, you can't get magnemite until you have 8 badges.
You only need Waterfall to get to Ever Grande City and in Victory road so after you arrive at the pokemon league, you can choose whether you want to keep Waterfall or use Surf. Also i didn't know you had to beat the game to get magnemite so sorry about that.
You need surf to use waterfall lol.