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Just wondering.

There is a shiny Hipowdon floating around in the black tower in BL2 somewhere.
I've come across a shiny hippowdon while amid a super triple battle in Battle Mansion whilst playing Omega Ruby.

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No. The only time shiny Pokemon are used by your opponents are in the Trainer Tower in Fire Red and Leaf Green. They are a shiny Meowth, Espeon, and Seaking.

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Don't forget about trainer hill. There is a shiny flareon there. And also some others, but I forgot :3
Ah, thanks. I'll go check.
EDIT: Checked on Bulbapedia, didn't say anything about shinies on Trainer Hill...
Tanks! :D
My pleasure :D
Is Steven's Metagross shiny in OR/AS?  Because it is in the delta episode.
No, it's not. His shiny Metagross from the demo is supposed to be the Beldum event distribution that's going around right now.