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I traded this with my friend, but he doesn't hack... and this was the first time he was trading.
I can't tell the name because it is in Japanese :(.
Ability: Natural Cure
Leaf Storm
Heal Block
Ice Beam
Description: Calm Nature; 10/7/2010/Had a fateful encounter at a special place./It's a mythical Pokemon/Try taking it to Castelia City/Proud of its power.
It was also in a Cherish ball and had the Classic Ribbon.
If you need more info, just comment! Thanks in advance.
Yeah, the Ice Beam on Celebi kinda threw me off. 0.o


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As the date is 2010 and in a Cherish and Japanese there is only one Celebi which matches the description.
![enter image description here][1]
OT: えいがかん
ID: 07100
Ability: Natural Cure
Hold Item: Jaboca Berry
Any Nature. : (Which is Calm)
Date of Receiving : Which seems to be 10/7/2010
Apparently had a fateful encounter at Lv. 50
Leaf Storm
Nasty Plot
Healing Wish

Ribbons : Classic Ribbon


It was also received on the 10th of September which is in the time duration of this event.
This event started on the 10 July 2010 and ended on the 30 September 2010

I assume that the Celebi itself was legitimately obtained via the Event but Ice Beam was hacked on as it is not possible for Celebi to learn Ice Beam.
All the other moves can be legitimately learned though

But one thing is the Description. It should Say something along the lines of 'movie'. But since it isn't it may be hacked. But like I said I before I think that the Celebi itself was legitimately but it was modified.
[1]: http://www.serebii.net/heartgoldsoulsilver/pokemon/251.png
[2]: http://www.serebii.net/events/dex/251.shtml

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thanks :P
No problem :)
oh yeah it exactly matches except for the moveset
Yeaah. It can also be transffered to BW
Although the description is still puzzling :P
ill have to ask my friend about this :)
wait will this damage my game? or something?
No. It won't.  If its hacked its messed up the coding on the copy  that hacled it. Ubless you hack 99.99% of the time you'll be safe :D
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I would think that it is hacked, due to the fact that no events allow you to receive Celebi in Black and White, as such it would not say "Try taking it to Castelia City". I would suspect that your friend got it off GTS or he does hack.

thanks :P