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I have made the following team, and am hell-bent on making the last Pokemon one of the Hitmon family. Which set is best (if any), and which should I use. What about the rest of my team?

Crawdaunt (Physical Sweeper)
Ability: Adaptability
Item: Leftovers
Dragon Dance
Crab Hammer
Brick Break

Xatu (Staller/Disrupter)
Ability: Synchronise
Item: Flame Orb/Toxic Orb
Psycho Shift (Send Status Condition over to opponent)
Protect (Free Wish)
Wish (Stalling & Team Support)
U-Turn (Passing Wish over to teammate while dealing damage)

Scizor (Sweeper)
Ability: Technician
Item: Occa Berry
Swords Dance
Bug Bite (Technician & STAB Boost + chance of removing an enemy's item)
Double Hit (Substi-killer)
Iron Head (STAB & Chance to flinch opponent, stronger than Tech & STAB boosted Metal Claw)

Drapion (Physical Tank)
Ability: Sniper
Item: Scope Lens
Night Slash (STAB w/good Critical Hit chance)
Cross Poison (STAB w/good Critical Hit chance)
Ice Fang (Cover Ground weakness)
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Flygon (Stall-gon)
Ability: Levitate
Item: Leftovers
Toxic (Status move)
Dig (Avoid damage for a free Toxic turn)
Roost (Heal damage)
Dragon Claw (STAB damaging move)
Flygon (Sweeper)
Ability: Levitate
Item: Life Orb
Dragon Claw

Ability: Technician
Item: Leftovers
Mach Punch (Priority STAB & tech-boosted move)
Triple Kick (STAB & Tech-boosted Substi-killer)
Rapid Spin (Spin Support)
Bulk Up (Boost in defense and attack)

Ability: Iron Fist
Item: Fist Plate
Focus Punch (STAB, Iron Fist, & Fist Plate boost)
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch/Mach Punch

Ability: Reckless
Item: Wide Lens
Hi Jump Kick
Blaze Kick
Stone Edge


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Hmmm.... all the Tyrogue evolutions are around the same skill level...
I'd go Hitmontop, but although it needs a bit of fixing up, and so do the others.

He has way better attack than sp.attack, so you would want physical moves rather than special.
Mach Punch could probobaly stay (I know this is a bad idea, but technican does the job), but its yout choice if you want Brick Break or counter instead.
Triple kick - no point; no double STAB, so replace with a status-inflicting move(Toxic, obviously).
Also, nor is Rapid Spin, so a move for Flying weakness would help (Rock Slide/Stone Edge).
\ Bulk Up can stay - a boost for Mach Punch witch really needs it (Defence id important for phsical flying moves like Aerial Ace.).

And for your choice on Flygon (I am MASTER of Flygon lovelovelove) I'd go with "Stall-gon". Drapion, last move, could be Double Team to make opponents miss a lot with his high speed to hit first.

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