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In ORAS, can you get a Pokemon with its Hidden Ability in the wild, or do you have to use Honey or Sweet Scent?
Or can you just chain? If so, how do you chain with the DexNav? :)?

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Yes, yes, and yes

In OR/AS, you can find wild Pokémon with their hidden ability. This is done using the DexNav, and instructions can be found here: http://www.serebii.net/omegarubyalphasapphire/dexnav.shtml

The above link also details instructions for chaining.

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You don't use Honey or Sweet Scent you just use your Dex-Nav.
Use your Dex-Nav of finding a Pokemon with a HA
You can use Honey or Sweet Scent to induce Horde Battles though which have a chance of having a Hidden Ability .

Chaining with a Dex-Nav

Here is a video showing how

  1. You must at least see the Pokemon you are going to chain. For Example lets say you want to chain a Skarmory on Route 113.

  2. First encounter Skarmory on Route 113. After you do so Skarmory will be registered in your Poke-Dex allowing you to Dex-Nav it. Go onto the Dex -Nav and click the Sprite of Skarmory
    If you don't understand what I mean its like this .

  3. After you do so find out its search level (How many times you've encountered it)

  4. Keep encountering it until your Search level is a very high number


To increase your Search Level horde encounter that specific Pokemon so your Search level will increase by 5 times a horde battle

Your Chain will break if you walk or move away from the certain route/cave/body of water etc

If you run into a another Pokemon which you are not chaining kill it or catch it and your chain will still continue.

Every 5 chains your Chaining Pokemon's level will increase by one so bring some high-level Pokemon