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Name: Dusknoir
Ability: Pressure
Item: Leftovers
Trick Room
Shadow Punch
Brick Break

Name: Crawdaunt
Ability: Adaptability
Item: Scope Lens
Night Slash
Crab Hammer
Aerial Ace
Hone Claws

Name: Aggron
Ability: Heavy Metal
Item: Expert Belt
Heavy Slam
Stone Edge
Smack Down

Name: Ursaring
Ability: Guts
Item: Flame Orb
Facade (STAB + Guts boost + Status-boosted Facade = death)
Seed Bomb
Brick Break

Name: Beheeyem
Ability: Synchronize
Item: Leftovers
Thunder Wave
Nasty Plot
Energy Ball

Name: Eelektross
Ability: Levitate
Item: Life Orb
Dragon Claw
Wild Charge
Gastro Acid


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Trick Room teams are extremely difficult to make. Luckily for you, I happen to be a master of the Trick Room.

Okay, first off, you have made a very common mistake, the lack of Trick Room users. A good Trick Room team needs two at least. One is just too risky. Luckily for you, you have a great Trick Room Pokemon, Beheeyem. Give it Trick Room instead of Thunder Wave. You'll want Dusclops as NJ said, give it a defensive set of Pain Split, Will-o-wisp, Trick Room, and Confuse Ray. Nobody uses Taunt anymore, so you're good with no attacking moves. Get rid of Gastro Acid on Electross and give it Coil. I'd then replace Dragon Claw for Dragon Tail. Aggron needs the ability Sturdy and get rid of Knock Down for something useful like Aqua Tail or one of the elemental punches. It is heavy enough as it is. Give Crawdaunt the more useful moves Crunch and Waterfall, get rid of the Scope Lens for a Life Orb, and give it Swords Dance instead of Hone Claws.

As I may have mentioned before, I've never battled anyone but my real-life friends; face-to-face. I'm not too good at making teams for the mainstream.

I didn't want to do the Evolution Stone thing. I don't know why, but for some reason I don't like that item. I was originally going to teach Beheeyem Trick Room, but from what I've seen in videos, battles don't always last too long.

I taught Eelektross Gastro Acid to help it mess up enemy Pokemon with dangerous abilities like Medicham or Pokemon with Moxie.

I chose Night Slash and Crab Hammer to go with Hone Claws; increased accuracy plus a better chance to critical hit could make up for the moves' "lack" of power.

I may change Aggron's set, but for some reason I like this one. It looks pleasing to me; I guess obvious but somewhat effective movesets are a favorite of mine. I wanted Heavy Metal because that means that a Pokemon could still be around 300 lbs and still take some huge damage.

Also, for moves like Flamethrower for Ferrothorn; I don't care how common a Pokemon is, I don't like to change a Pokemon's moveset just for one Pokemon. It seems pretty rediculous to me.

Also, how come nobody uses Taunt anymore? This team was mainly put together based on what knowledge I have of the 4th Generation competitive scene.
Nobody uses Taunt because of the "fast paced" battling, an emphasis is placed on attacking now. Evolution Stone is like giving a Pokemon a ton more EVs in Defensive stats. Seeing how Dusclops is a great staller as it is, Evolution Stone makes it better than Dusknoir. Those defensive stats make it a little like Shuckle, except it doesn't suck! Moxie Pokemon will keep their boosts I'm pretty sure, and as for Medicham, he is very frail, so won't be much of a problem. Coil is a lot more useful due to being a better version of Bulk Up (although it could be considered worse because of that poor distribution.) Sturdy is a must for Aggron, seeing how it prevents Ground and Fighting OHKOs, which are very likely seeing as these are the two best attacking types in the game and almost all Pokemon use them. Critical hits still won't happen enough, so just go with reliability instead. And the metagame isn't as quick as you think. Battles average 30 turns (better than last Generation).
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First off, replace Dusknoir with Dusklops and give it the Evolution Stone. The moveset can change a little, because he needs Shadow Sneak for low HP.

Crawdaunt - Awesome moveset, but I would go with a reliable Waterfall instead of Crabhammer and Crunch instead of Night Slash.

Aggron - I don't like it for obvious reasons, plus you can't get many good coverage. Your moveset is good, seeing how heavy this thing is, but it's a predictable moveset, although you can't get any better with Aggron.

Ursaring - Again, predictable but differant from the Aggron moveset, because you Actually have really good coverage.

Beheyeem - Good moves, Nothing to change.

Elektross - Why Gastro Acid? switch it for Flamethrower to take Ferrothorn down.

Well I agree with this answer but if trick room only lasts 5 turns don't you think another one of your pokemon should know trick room?   Just a thought