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I know I need to pass someone with the ticket, but I don`t know how to find and activate streetpass, and if anyone who already has the ticket could possibly battle me or add my friend code, would I get the Eon Ticket because I "Passed" them?


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All you need to do is make sure your 3DS is on and in sleep mode. Just walk around where there's plenty of people. You have a better chance of street passing someone if you do. The light on the top right corner of your 3DS will start blinking green if you pass someone.

You have a chance of getting a message via BuzzNav saying you have a new Mirage spot to explore, or even a gift for you in a Pokemon Center (which should be the Eon Ticket)

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Thanks! I guess I`ll take it with me whenever I go shopping, I`m bound to get it somehow.... Must...get...latios...