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Ok so I have a team and I wanted to put one of these guys in there but I can't decide on which one. Help please!

Scrafty - Nature: Brave/ Jolly/ Adament
Ability: Moxie
Item: Zoom Lens/ Wide Lens/???*

Crunch/ Payback
Hi Jump Kick
Stone Edge
Poison Jab/ Dig/ Dragon Tail

Conkeldurr - Nature: Adament/ Careful
Ability: Guts/ Sheer Force
Item: Burn Orb/???
Hammer Arm
Stone Edge
Poison Jab/ Payback

*other item that would be good?

The rest of my team...

#1 Serperior - Nature: Adament/ Docile
Ability: Overgrow
Item: Leftovers/???

Leaf Blade
Aerial Ace
Dragon Tail/ Return/ Giga Drain
Swords Dance

#2 Chandelure -Nature: Modest/ Timid
Ability: Flame Body

Shadow Ball
Energy Ball

#3 Simipour - Nature: Modest
Ability: Gluttony

Ice Beam
Focus Blast
Attract/ Work Up/ Protect

#4 Excadrill - Nature: Adament
Ability: Sand Rush

Rock Slide
Metal Claw/ Shadow Claw/ Brick Break

#6 Zekrom - Nature: Jolly/ Adament
Ability :Terravolt

Fusion Bolt
Dragon Claw
Zen Headbutt

This team is mainly for the elite four and champion so some of these attacks (Like fly on Zekrom) will change.

If not either of these then any other suggestions?

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I'll need to see the rest of your team. The reason for this is that Scrafty and Conkeldurr have different roles.

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For your team, Conkleddur would be way better than Scrafty because of full power and absolutely, as it's ability says, sheer force. With Conkleddur's moveset you can't go wrong; but you use earthquake, a good attack, too much and with that other trainers can easily predict your team. A good moveset would be:

Payback - You'll see whats coming up + Psychic type coverage.
Hammer Arm - Combined with Payback, this is one of the best revenge-killers ever.
Stone Edge - Raw power. Any questions?
Mach Punch - It may seem useless when you have Hammer Arm, but you can really surprise with this thing.

If you want, you can add in Bulk Up, but this is a fine moveset.

PS- You better stick with leftovers because you don't want Conkleddur down early.

Instead of Hammer Arm,Bulk Up is more useful,you Bulk Up for a few turns then use Mach Punch
Ive seen the mach punch idea but I will have to breed him in order to get it. which makes it where he will be on lv 1 and I would have to train him up to go against the elite 4 and such.