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The preset teams are for only if someone else asked you to become their Super Secret Pal, because then you're just a grunt in their base, with the team that comes with your sprite. In your on base where you're the leader, you'll keep your own pokemon and others will battle them. But you can change the team your friends battle if you pass by them again via Streetpass (which would be your current first 3 pokemon in your party)

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Yes actually

From what I have observed your secret base will keep the first 3 Pokemon at the time of your friend meeting you, through street pass. The only thing you do not keep is your Pokemons levels but you can get them by using the item I think is called a level release. If you mean the friends in your base than no sorry. They are preset and the only thing you can custermise is their levels (which are based on the levels of your own Pokemon) To get their teams over level 50 then you will need a level release. If you really want to change their preset teams you could ask your friends to change their image (like biker, ace or swimmer.)

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I just want to know if you can change my 3 pokemon some how
If you wan't to change it. Meet your friend online or in person and have a battle, that should do it! :D