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I was hunting for a Bagon when my Latias was now popping out with the effects of 4 Affection hearts, so I want to know if this is normal, or if my game is glitched.


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It is not a glitch if you have given your Latias Pokeblocks.
The same happened to my shiny Milotic, I maxed out all of its contest stats via Pokeblocks and it now has 5 affection hearts, and I barely did Pokemon-Amie either.
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(If not the case, i'm not sure)

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It's probably a glitch, but you may want to check the Pokemon Amie screen to see what's up. I've never heard of Affection growing without Amie, so it's either a glitch. But check its stats just in case.

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It has 4 hearts, but still, I never did anything with it.
Was it caught by you? Or was it traded?
I caught it in ORAS and then traded it to X and Y.