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Fire types can't be burned, I know that. Can Water types be burned? Ice types frozen? It wouldn't make sense for Water types to be able to get burnt, as surely Water stops fire?

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If you think about it, it'd be a bit silly if Water Pokemon were immune to burns. Water type is the type that aquatic Pokemon get, and since aquatic animals like fish can be burned or hurt by fire, it wouldn't make sense for them to have an immunity to it.
If you think about it, Game Freak never really abides to logic.
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But seriously, function izz has a point.

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  1. Pure steel types cannot be poison, also dual-type steel cannot be poisoned unless the other type is weak to poison,
  2. Spore (100% sleep attack), leech seed, and Sleep powder (75% sleep attack) doesn't work on grass type.
  3. Fire types cannot be burned
  4. Electric types cannot be paralyzed
  5. Ghost types cannot be trapped by moves such as mean look
  6. As stated earlier Ice types cannot be frozen, The list may go on but I don't know of other type exceptions.
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can psychic types get confused?
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Water Types can be burnt unless they have the Water Veil ability, and Ice Types cannot be frozen unless Tri-Attack or Secret Power in snowy terrain causes it.