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Adamant Gible has these IVs:
(HP isn't valid for some reason)
Attack: 9-10
Defense: 7-9
Special Attack: 9-12
Special Defense: 3-6
Speed: 20-23

My Jolly Gible had these IVs:
HP: 0-2
Attack: 5-8
Defense: 18-21
Special Attack: 6-8
Special Defense: 0-2
Speed: 2-4

My Lonely Gible had these IVs:
HP: 10-13
Attack: 12-15
Defense: 3-9
Special Attack: 24-27
Special Defense: invalid for some reason :/
Speed: 16-19

Which one should I choose? They are all level 26 except for the Jolly Gible which is level 27. I am building a new team!

adamant one i think
Try breeding for a better jolly one
Er, breed for better IVs if this is Gen 6.
If this is Gen 5 and before, I think the Lonely one.
I would go for the Adamant one unless you can breed again for a Jolly nature.

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Adamant, because even thiugh Jolly is best, it has horrible IVs, and the Adamant nature boosts attack and has good speed IVs.

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What I Recommended is to re bread the Jolly one. even if adamant is good for power, Jolly will be faster even with bad ivs so Give that Future Garchomp a Choice Scarf and Have fun Wrecking People :)

Source: I got wrecked by a jolly scarfed chomp on Showdown