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Unfortunately,you cannot get Jirachi in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.There is an event for Jirachi but it is only available in Japan.Whether or not there will an event in North America has not been revealed yet.

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That`d be so racist if they`ll only have a Jirachi event in Japan. Those Jirachis end up being wonder-traded to some guy in America who then wants something along the lines of either a Mew, Arceus, , Meloetta, Keldeo, or Victini for it on the GTS.
Yeah,unfortunately.japan always gets all the good stuff
Not really racist. Just a bit unfair on the rest. In past games, some events have been restricted to only North America and not Japan so...
what about hacking it into your game using action replay? you can do that with other pokemon
Hacking is not an option. A pokemon ain`t worth it if it ain`t legit.
Ill trad u 1 igot 1 from my pen pal in Japan