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Almost every team I've seen revolves around each Eevee evolutions doing the same thing, and it seemed a little bland to me, so I thought, why not use a different method? The team isn't in any order yet, so I haven't decided on a lead.

Espeon-Ability:Magic Bounce

Psyshock-STAB move. Simple as that.

Baton Pass-Move around stat changes to the team.

Calm Mind-Boosts up special stats.

hidden power [ice]/[electric]- This is to take out dragons and whirlwind abusers, most of which are flying type. hopefully no Drapion users...

Umbreon-Ability: Synchronize

My good old buddy Umbreon. Can't forget him.

Baton Pass-Keeps the power flowing. You get the deal.

Curse-Boosts physical stats up. Usually after a calm mind, Umbreon's too Bulky for anything to OHKO. I know it drops speed, contradicting my strategy, but I'll have a physical/special tank for everything with this and calm mind. So I could swap to Flareon (safely because of the low speed, meaning no damage) and run Flame charge to boost it back up.

Payback/Stored Power-Hit them hard and don't hold back. Eccentric Ditto will be resisted, but it's next to useless against Umbreon. Stored power, while not a STAB move, does huge levels of pain, as it gets powered up more as you raise your stats, in addition to the boosts themselves.
I have it on Umbreon and not the others because, being a Dark type, he is immune to this move, so Ditto can't use it against him.

Wish/Toxic-Wish is to pass to injured teammates along with the stats, or toxic to wear down opponent. With eccentric ditto, synchronize would work regardless of who uses it. so he'll still go down. I can just heal bell it off of him.

Flareon -Ability: Flash Fire

That's right. I'm actually using Flareon! He gets so much hate, but I thought of a way to use him creatively.

Baton Pass-As with the rest. Keeps the power flowing.

Flame Charge (AKA Nitro Charge)-Damages enemy while boosting up speed. If the foe tries get a switch in with Eccentric Ditto, they won't be able to do anything due to Flash Fire. Gets STAB, takes advantage of Flareon's high attack.

Heal Bell-Can cure my team of status if needed. Deals with Secondary status I might pick up along the way like confusion.

Yawn-Might as well be a bit of a jerk. This helps force more switching, giving me time to set up.

Vaporeon-Water Absorb

Surf-STAB power. Eccentric ditto can only restore my health with this.

Baton Pass- See above.

Aqua Ring-It's Obama in pokemon! Free health! Baton passable too.

Acid Armor/Substitute/Ice Beam-AA for quick power ups, making it easier for the others to survive, substitute to aid even more, or Ice beam to take out the foe.


the speed Demon. I usually can take out ditto before bringing him out.

Baton Pass-You've already read it several times.

Thunderbolt-STAB power. With all these boosts, quite literally.

Agility/Thunder wave-In case I have a need for speed.

Shadow Ball/Light Screen-Shadow ball is for more coverage, LS is for more support.


Ice beam-STAB power

Baton Pass-You already know.

Hidden power [ground]-3 weaknesses covered with one move.

Barrier/Hail/Stored power-Barrier is good, but a bit redundant seeing as I already have acid armor and curse. Hail can work great with Vaporeon's Aqua Ring, and stored power can be great, but I'm very reluctant to using it due to Ditto.

 I'm sure you can figure out what the main point of this is. I use a stat booster, switch to a bulky pokemon, then switch around more, boosting along the way. Eventually, they get really powerful. The downside is, break one, and it all falls apart. One of my biggest concerns as you could probably tell, is Ditto. With his new ability, he could snatch all my hard work just like that, so I made sure to counter him every chance I got. 
 The lowered speed from curse should help deal with the occasional Trick Room team. My other big worry is others setting up on me too, or dishing out the secondary status. Luckily, all of the eeveelutions can learn heal bell, so it can be of use. The attacking moves just deal with the main, common types. Any suggestions? I'm not familier with all of the gen V stuff, so I know I'm probably something good. I apologize for the length.
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Don't worry so much about Ditto, I've never seen anyone except for me use one for some strange unfathomable (I just know there is spelling error here) reason.
Believe me, I see a crap ton of Ditto.

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Espeon: Psycho Shock is more useful than Psychic imo. As for the HP Type, choose Electric type HP, as it hits the most common Whirlwinders for super-effective damage. I barely ever see Zoroark, so don't need HP Bug. Or get Shadow Ball, as Magic Mirror stops Whirlwind already.

The only other point I have to make is to watch out for the item Red Card. Perhaps have something that can deal with it, as while it is uncommon, you might find some people (okay, just me) who use it.

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Okay :D I will vote you up instead :D .