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So yesterday I was wonder trading to see if I could get some cool stuff. And I got a Victini! It's in a Cherish Ball, has 6 max IVs, level 15, has Pokerus, and knows the following moves: V-Create, Zen Headbutt, Wild Charge, and U-Turn. It is a Jolly nature, and has its signature ability, Victory Star.

However, it says it's Kalos-Born, and the OT is D-Pad Doc. It also has its English name, despite it originating from Japan.

So, is this Victini hacked? And if so, how in the world was it able to be wonder traded to me?


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Um, yes, it is hacked. There is no way to get a Victini in Kalos. The person's name is most likely D-Pad Doc, so that's okay, but the English name + the fact that Victini doesn't learn those moves that early + the fact that it's from Kalos means that it is hacked. And yet, I don't know how a hacked Pokemon got through. Maybe the person is just good with codes and hacking.
Thanks!- TBE

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Well I assumed so, I just wanted to be sure. I'll keep it, because it's awesome and I've never owned a Victini before :) Thanks!
It still doesn't explain how it wonder traded... even with good hacking, Pokemon in Cherish Balls shouldn't ever be able to trade that way. :/