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In Pokemon SoulSilver, I have a level 26 Gastly, but I know that he is meant to evolve at level 25. I don't know if this helps but he got to level 26 by Exp. Share, he hasn't done a battle on his own. Thanks.

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check if you let your gastly hold anything tht disrupts evolution like everstone
He cant be holding the Everstone if he had the EXP share on
Or maybe it could...
It already has no hands. How much more are you gonna try to make it hold :o?
If comments were answers, I would upvote for that ^
Gen VI Exp. Share is a key item, not hold item. We don't know which game this was, so he may have meant that and Gastly could still have been holding the ever stone, perhaps due to breeding, or some other reason
He states soulsilver

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Try levelling it up again. That should let it evolve.
Perhaps you pressed the B button as it was evolving - this cancels the evolution.