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I don't just want one game, I want it in a top 10 style format. Also list it as top gen instead of game. For example if gen 7 made the most money and gen 8 made the second most

  1. 7th gen
  2. 8th gen

This includes remakes that means HGSS would be a part of GSC sales and together it would be gen 2

Um wouldn't HGSS technically be Gen IV since they had those Pokes too?
FRLG is in Gen III; HGSS is in Gen IV; ORAS is in Gen VI. There's no debate since remakes are updated and therefore follow the mechanics of the gen they are remade in.

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I am going to do the main series games only.
This is the layout I will use:
Gen 1: RBY
Gen 2: GSC
Gen 3: RSE, FRLG
Gen 4: DPP, HGSS
Gen 5: BW, B2W2
Gen 6: XY (ORAS sales are not out yet)

In sales:
1. Gen 1, with 46.01 million copies sold
2. Gen 4, with 38.38 million copies sold
3. Gen 3, with 34.08 million copies sold
4. Gen 2, with 29. 49 million copies sold
5. Gen 5, with 23.23 million copies sold
6. Gen 6, with 13.29 million copies sold

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