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If so please go into detail

What happened to going to that dude's house west of Fallarbor, and entering the tunnel to collect the fossil you didn't get earlier in the game?
I talked to him after getting one of the fossils and nothing...Unless there's a different cave other than at the back of the old man's house
Wasn't that only in Emerald, Indigo? If so then that obviously explains why you can't do it.
thanks, but the question of what I asked still lingers though

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Nope. D:

You only ever get one of the two Fossils, either Claw or Root, but not both. The best way to obtain the opposite Fossil Pokémon is probably to breed yours and put the baby on the GTS, requesting the other Pokémon. Many people eager to complete the Pokédex will jump at the chance to get their missing Fossil Pokémon.

Other Fossil Pokémon

You can obtain the all of the other Fossil Pokémon in ORAS via Rock Smash, although some are version-exclusive.

Alpha Sapphire — Cover Fossil, Helix Fossil, Plume Fossil

Omega Ruby — Armour Fossil, Dome Fossil, Skull Fossil

Both Versions — Old Amber


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