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Gen V. I've been thinking of ideal movesets for the Pokemon. However, I am stuck with Tentacruel.

Surf, Toxic Spikes, Aqua Ring.

You can have Rapid Spin on this set if you want, but I have no love for the move. Surf is an obvious choice, seeing how Scald isn't going to be as useful when the point of Toxic Spikes is to Poison. Toxic Spikes provides a nice Entry Hazard. Aqua Ring works quite nicely with Rain Dish and Black Sludge, furthering Tentacruel's defensive capabilities. It also happens to increase Attack and Special Attack by one stage this Generation, meaning that Tentacruel now has increased offensive capabilities as well.

Now, I can't decide on the final move: Ice Beam, Hex, Venoshock?

Ice Beam provides a nice type coverage, and is always a popular choice for a Water type.

Hex provides better type coverage than Venoshock, but won't be doing as much damage.

Venoshock gets STAB and that Toxic Spikes help, but doesn't have good type coverage.

Now each of these moves are great in their own way. But which one is best, and will provide the optimal moveset for Tentacruel?

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From personal use from my Mono poison team, I can tell you not to use Venom shock without toxic spikes. Since you have it, that should be of use. The only thing is you need something to deal with Flying, steel, and poison types.

  Most steel types come with something weak to water, so surf fixes that up. Knowing your team, I'm sure you have more than enough force to deal with flying types that bypass the toxic spikes. As for poison types, they aren't too common, so have Earthquake ready and it should be fine. Ice beam is useful, but not very effective in coverage since he's part poison, making him neutral to grass attacks, and he's not bulky enough to withstand a full force dragon attack, so he wouldn't be able to effectively retaliate. 
 From my poison team, I know that poison has awful coverage, but the doubled power+ STAB more than makes up for it. A strong pokemon with it can OHKO most threats as long as they are poisoned, and if they barely live, the poison itself will finish them off.
 Rapid spin is kind of situational, plus a good amount of your team can resist most of the entry hazards.

While hex has more versatility both in type and status required, it doesn't get STAB from tentacruel, and it still can have normal types switch in for immunity.

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Id go Hex, Actually. This WAy, it can Fight Alakazam, Gengar, and Starmie(Common Pokemon, weak to Ghost).

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Ah, nice. You're counting on the rise of Fighting counters to make Hex more useful. Good point, I hadn't thought about that.
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Tentacruel does have a good type, many common types cant do much against it, and your set looks great so far.

This is a pretty tough choice. Tentacruel is bettet at Sp. Attack than attack, so a Special Move would be good for him, whitch is why Surf is there.

I don't see much point in Rapid Spin, it is only as weak as 20 power....

You could live without Ice Beam as well actually, Surf can knock out Ground already. But of course you could use its freezing to help Hex or Venomshock

And now. Hex. Hex, Hex, Hex, Hex. HEX!!!
It isnt a bad move, but remember, the opponent isnt always on a status problem (nor is it STAB, but you don't need 2 STAB moves), but if you include a status inflicting move, it could use that advantage.... Or mabye not - Ice Beam = Freeze anyway
Venomshock is better than Hex in some ways especially if you use Toxic in your set, or just use the occasional freezing of Ice Beam. In this way, Hex is basically Tackle against Venomshock.
Also, you may not need Agua Ring if you use black sludge ot Leftovers/ Shell Bell, and with Ice Beam I would be saying goodbye to Toxic Spikes, as it provides the opponent a chance to use Thunderbolt on you.
You are right, all these moves work their own way to make Tentacruel strong, but I think the Final Set should be:
Surf - STAB, needed HM.
Ice Beam - Freeze strategey for Venomshock and fair Power.
Hex - Ice Beams freezing strategy makes this a Ghost-Type Earthquake!!!
This leaves one last space - room for Doble Team. Not Swords Dance coz' no physical moves.

Sorry if this is no-good, Ive never really made a good set.... Anyway I still hope I helped your Tentacruel...... :)?

Double Team is banned from competitive battling - so don't use it.
Double Team is banned.

Ice Beam will not freeze enough, the point is that Ice and Water is nice type coverage. Type coverage doesn't always have to extend to hitting types Tentacruel is weak to.

Toxic Spikes will be causing the status effect.

Aqua Ring combined with Black Sludge and Rain Dish means that it will be very bulky. The additional stat boost is also nice.
I TOLD you I am terrible at movesets!!!
Yes, and this is so that you will get better. Learn from your mistakes.
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I would choose venoshock, but get rid of surf or aqua ring with hidden power ground or fire, since poison types and steel are immune to poison, but fire would help if you are having trouble with grass types.

toxic spikes
hidden power fire/ground
surf/aqua ring

Surf provides neutral coverage on Poison types, which will usually be enough, seeing as Poison types aren't seen too often. Steel types also happen to be weak to Water most of the time, and are still hit for neutral damage otherwise.

Please note I did not vote you down.
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ide use hex but ide only use it after you have toxic spikes in play because hex gets a big boost if the pokemon is already affected by a status condition and the status condition being poison would work out beautifully!!!

i like his answer