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I wasn't expecting to get stuck again so quickly, but I must have forgotten that whille large movepools make movesets difficult, miniscule movepools make moveset making a living hell.

I've got: Electro Ball and Taunt.

Both make use of Electrode's high Speed.

Now I'm stuck on the last two moves. For one I was thinking Volt Change, but have no idea for the other, seeing how Explosion is now gone (in essence).Should I go with Explosion anyways, or maybe add something like Thunder Wave?

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Now then, there are a few things you guys should take in mind:

1. Explosion no longer halves defense, meaning it isn't going to get the OHKOs it used to.

2. Having two attacking moves of the same type is bad. Volt Change is there because it isn't an attacking move in a sense, but more of a strategetic attack. It isn't there for the typing, it is there for the escape with damage.

3. Electrode doesn't have good offensive stats. As such, it should be having a support movepool.

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Id go with Thunder Wave and Volt Change. This WAy, You can paralyze and switch out to a pokemon that needs to set up. Setting up on a Paralyzed Pokemon is Much Easier.

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Well, raptor ex 911 is right but me I prefer:
Thunderbolt-STAB, High accuracy, good damage
(not thunder because of the small accuracy)
light screen/swift-light screen if you use him certainly against special sweppers-swift if electricity attacks are not very effective to foes.

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Explosion 250 power

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