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I have a dialga, shiny and level 100. Seems pretty ok since dialga isn't shiny-locked in gen 6, but I got it from trade and it still has max happiness. Is it hacked?

List the OT Trainer, the place it was met, and what kind of Pokeball it's in. That should help. Also moves and such.
The OT is a japanese name, and I have no idea how to write it. met in the mirage spot, ultra ball, roar of time, draco meteor, iron tail, aura sphere.
It must be SRed, but thenit's up to you to decide whether its legit

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Nothing explicitly points to it being hacked. There's not really a for-sure method to confirm whether it is or isn't so the best answer I can give is to suggest that you use your own judgement. It's just not definitive enough to tell for sure.

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hanks, I was just worried cause I was told that pokemon traded away get their happiness lowered to 0, while this one still had max.